You belong to a society of secret stoners, one’s that don’t appreciate the buzz kills of the world.

Just imagine, the sun is spilling over the vast green landscape of the golf course, and your fellow players are watching in anticipation for you to keep the game moving.




Ready to make a winning shot, you bend down to pick up the tee – and before you can position it, out falls your pre-roll.
All eyes are on you – and they’re not friendly.

But what if you could take the strain from your game?

If the event or venue you’re going to is less than 420-friendly, don’t sweat it.

Whether you’re on the golf course, taking your boat out for a spin, relaxing at the beach, or about to take on a ski hill – we have an exclusive solution you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

Introducing the Carry your Stash hoodie.

(It’s not just a hoodie, it’s a way of life.)


The staple hoodie? we’ve reimagined it.

Created on the concept that your stash is your secret – our exclusive staple everyday hoodie is developed to be the most convenient answer to your weed woes.
What makes our hoodie so unique? Some say the durable fabric, others say the relaxed and slightly stretched fit – and others say it’s the secret pocket.

Its millennial color and sleek contours provide structured sophistication, and the double fabric hood helps to preserve your body heat in the colder days – while the main body is designed to keep you cool for the summer.

Whether you prefer oversized or fitted styles, our Carry your Stash hoodies add style to any look.
The hard part? When our hoodies are this high quality, it’s nearly impossible to buy just one.


Designed with protection in mind – from the elements, and from others’ prying eyes, you can keep your stash safe and sound.

Each hoodie features a secret pocket inside the front pouch, lined with a medical grade fabric that eliminates the odor associated with your stash.

The fabric itself is impregnated with an advanced odor locking technology – activate charcoal.
And the trademarked pocket is impossible to see. You can go about your favorite activities with confidence, knowing your stash is safely tucked away.

How does it work?

Activated charcoal is a highly porous material that absorbs and traps odor molecules before they have a chance to reach the nosy noses of those around you.

With 5 whole layers of our advanced activated carbon lining, our smell proof pocket allows for discreet carrying of your supplies, no matter where you go.


The key to successful styling, is nailing the silhouette. That’s why our hoodies have a relaxed fit. They’re also perfect for layering.
Made to be worn on the boat, at concerts, out to a relaxing dinner or anywhere you’d like to carry – our hoodies will alleviate all your carrying anxieties.
The appeal of a plain hoodie never goes out of style. You can enjoy them season after season, they’re versatile, classic and make a bold statement.

High Expectations

We demand more from our hoodies, both in style and practicality.

That’s why you’ll never again have to worry about leaving your stash bag or little pot pot.

We’ve made it our mission to make sure you never have to run back into a restaurant or scavenge the beach for a bag you left behind.

You’ll always have it on you.


Hiding the pot is relatively easy – but managing and controlling the smell? Not so much.

With our hoodie’s odor-eliminating technology, you’ll never have to feel like that one smelly aunt, uncle or cousin at the next family get together.

Cozy and Kushy

Make your everyday casual hoodie rotation even comfier.

Unlike regular stash bags, stash pots or any other stash-hiding device – ours is far more discreet – and even more convenient.

No more digging around the bottom of your bag trying to find your pre-roll. No more misplacing your stash box. Durable weight, quality threads, ample flexibility and super soft to the touch.

Stay cozy.


With a 75% increase in people who are aged 40+ using cannabis – whether for medical use or just plain recreational enjoyment – we think it’s about time we made our mark on the world.

That’s why at Wandering Threadz, we’ve made it our job to produce truly unique weed paraphernalia with honesty and integrity.

We’ve worked fearlessly to get to where we are today, and our sole focus (this entire time) has been our total dedication to helping weed users around the nation, live the high life.

We know it’s a life-long endeavor, but we think we’ve made a pretty good start.

Join the family today – and get your hoodie while stocks last.

Get Yours Today And Be Part Of The Threadz Family!

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